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Change Log since last release 9-7-2017

2017-11-17 mouse wheel over window crash for i saw on martins computer
2017-11-17 Removed override mouse wheel on the description rtf control
2017-11-17 Removed override mouse wheel on the description rtf control
2017-11-16 handle mouse wheel messages for the window the mouse is over not the the focused window
2017-11-16 track active window when opened from command line option
2017-11-15 save database path if database is invalid
2017-11-14 handle page up/down with description window open
2017-11-11 updated size of name column in adv window
2017-11-11 version 6 common controls
2017-11-09 - fixed issue with saving database path on first run - removed ability to convert old access db to sqlite, if needed they can first run an older version then this version.
2017-11-05 Added adv option to multi paste in reverse order or not
2017-11-04 - find child process for uwp apps, edge, mail, ... - Delay sending paste to edge browswer so the paste works, edge seems to take a long time to set focus
2017-11-03 use rtf control to pre process rtf before we try and try, was finding newer versio of word would add data that our draw routine could not handle
2017-11-03 Don't combine multiple clips unless they all have that type of data
2017-11-01 adjust rtf text before drawing, fix for drawing ms word copied text
2017-10-30 fixed issue with opening properties window from menu, probably other menu items also
2017-10-27 assign short cut keys to past scripts
2017-10-26 png supported in viewer and thumbnail images
2017-10-26 - change appx app name to "Ditto Clipboard" - added php script to beta page to always refresh page
2017-10-26 support png images in drag and drop and export to image
2017-10-24 better icons for alt-tab
2017-10-23 - fixed crash when displaying receive message when placing onto clipboard - resize dialog paint fix - show icon in windows for ctrl-tab - min size for advanced options - tooltip timeout of 0 turns off toolips
2017-10-21 Show a message when receiving a manual sent clip, option to turn this off
2017-10-20 color search box better when using dark theme
2017-10-18 Fixed issue with pasting into admin app from a low privilage user
2017-10-13 handle repeat keys when moving selection up and down
2017-10-11 show selected index and clipboard change delay in adv settings
2017-10-11 added menu option to move clip to the end of the list
2017-10-06 - added shortcut key to load last search - added shortcut key to toggle search method - added the ability use environment variables in the database path
2017-10-06 don't add cmd.exe custom keys if we are windows 10
2017-10-05 fixed issue with showing scroll bars
2017-10-05 fixed searching for regex on quick paste text
2017-10-05 F3 searches list by default on second press if searching
2017-09-30 fixed build error from last check in
2017-09-30 chain script paste support
2017-09-29 - always try and hide window regardless of global setting - don't minimize description window on escape
2017-09-28 hide popup after always on top lost focus
2017-09-28 handle always on top and wrap text from main window for description window
2017-09-25 added tooltip timeout to the adv options window
2017-09-25 read large string values from settings (reg or ini)
2017-09-24 added reg setting option to control tooltip timeout
2017-09-24 Scripting updates
2017-09-24 added string += to chaiscript
2017-09-24 move md5 controls on properties window
2017-09-22 - Added option to have description on top - renamed top most to always on top - ChaiScript Support - fixed spelling issues in freinds window
2017-09-19 Fixed crash when dragging and dropping
2017-09-12 fixed issue with drawning rtf text
2017-09-12 updated chinese translation
2017-09-11 reduced size of config windows
2017-09-09 updated build script with new beta page dates
2017-09-09 Handle exception when placing items on the clipboard, should fix a reported crash
2017-09-08 added option to not show startup tooltip message

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