2017-08-04 forward mousewheel to description window
2017-08-04 Delete temp bitmap object when creating thumbnail
2017-08-04 made created and last sued text darker in description window
2017-08-04 use Bicubic to resize images
2017-07-27 Added command to move selection up/down that can be assigned to shortcut key
2017-07-12 - control-drag will always drag files - reset last copy crc when deleting clips, lets you copy the same clip again after delete
2017-07-07 changed appx to be x86 version
2017-06-29 Cleanup shortcut keys when deleting clips
2017-06-28 show context menu under selection if mouse is not inside of selected row
2017-06-24 Exclude CF_DIB if copied from excel, often causes lockups
2017-06-23 don't save auto start in windows if debug
2017-06-23 reset scroll back to 0 when refilling list, before it could get scrolled to the right and look empty
2017-06-18 show menu of previouse searches (ctrl-down or ctrl-shift-down or click down icon)
2017-06-16 custom friends - added description, save as xml, move clear into dialog
2017-06-13 Revert temporary group when opening, needed when window is top most
2017-06-13 fixed saving maximum entries check box and font in config
2017-06-07 check focused process name against group name, if they match open to that group, needs to match exactly (ex, notepad.exe), case does not matter
2017-06-07 Show custom send to freinds in menu rather than in prompt dialog
2017-06-07 fixed issue with saving the theme in options
2017-06-03 200% scaling fixes
2017-06-03 200% scaling fixes
2017-06-02 Fixed issue with requesting remote files
2017-06-01 200% scale fixes
2017-05-31 removed negative x/y check, was causing us to reset the display position sometimes
2017-05-30 fixed pasting into search bar if pasted text is larger than the displayed width
2017-05-25 fixed crashes around bad regular expressions, added try-catch block
2017-05-23 added name for save cf_hdrop for shortcut, updated text for regex config
2017-05-22 regex filtering show process filter as blank rather than *
2017-05-21 implimented regex filter of clips to exclude clips from getting into ditto that match a regulare expression
2017-05-20 reworked config - removed quick paste tb - updated general page - added advanced popup for rest of settings - added regex filter config ui
2017-05-12 Added option to save file contents into ditto's database so we don't need the file anymore
2017-04-30 forward delete key if selection is at the end of search box to delete the selected clip
2017-04-30 windows app- add port settings to windows firewall and open .dto files
2017-04-27 fixed issue with showing never delete icon when it shouldn't be shown
2017-04-26 updated Persian language file
2017-04-26 fixed memory issue when load thumbnails for images
2017-04-21 - only check no auto delete when showing no audio delete icon - invalidate tooltip window, fixed issue with dates showing wrong
2017-04-23 free up memory when saving image to file fromd drag drop
2017-04-23 always write current run at startup path to registry
2017-04-23 Dim background window when showing dialogs
2017-04-22 added option to prompt for friends ip/host name for who to send to
2017-04-20 fix for loading description after threaded clip loads
2017-04-20 fix for showing description when clip is loaded from thread
2017-04-20 fix for tray icon after showing balloon tooltip
2017-04-19 uncommented return in hide, was used for testing
2017-04-19 offset position at cursor so we don't show toolip
2017-04-19 Added option to replace top sticky clip
2017-04-19 refresh description when clip is not loaded initially and then loaded from thread
2017-04-19 hide scroll bar when fitting image to window
2017-04-19 show balloon tooltip on start and on error messages
2017-04-19 when running from windows app don't try and launch elevated app
2017-04-17 fixes for drawning html tags present in copied text, use un printable characters to highlight
2017-04-13 - fix for md5 check, send the md5 properly
2017-04-13 - show clip properties at bottom of the description window - click on image to toggle real size and fit to screen - maintain image aspect ratio when sizing images - validate file transfers using md5
2017-04-03 removed old mfc dlls
2017-04-03 updated portable dll version
2017-03-31 remove old icu dlls from install directory
2017-03-31 Tried to fix issue martin was seeing with drag and drop images to the desktop. Would randomly have one file not drop.
2017-03-30 Removed drawing of normal html characters, replaced font with special text to not collide with copied html
2017-03-30 Fixed 64bit crashes
2017-03-29 more vs2017 changes
2017-03-29 more vs2017 changes
2017-03-29 more vs2017 changes
2017-03-28 Installer updates for vs2017
2017-03-08 Updated to visual studio 2017
2017-03-08 Updated to visual studio 2015
2017-03-01 adjust rtf text when generating crc to handle word and outlook adding unique values to the rtf text
2017-02-26 Lockout requesting for remote file when placing data on the clipboard from freinds network send
2017-02-11 update last paste time when multiple clips are selected
2017-02-10 Updated Chinese language file