2017-09-25 read large string values from settings (reg or ini)
2017-09-24 added reg setting option to control tooltip timeout
2017-09-24 Scripting updates
2017-09-24 added string += to chaiscript
2017-09-24 move md5 controls on properties window
2017-09-22 - Added option to have description on top - renamed top most to always on top - ChaiScript Support - fixed spelling issues in freinds window
2017-09-19 Fixed crash when dragging and dropping
2017-09-12 fixed issue with drawning rtf text
2017-09-12 updated chinese translation
2017-09-11 reduced size of config windows
2017-09-09 updated build script with new beta page dates
2017-09-09 Handle exception when placing items on the clipboard, should fix a reported crash
2017-09-08 added option to not show startup tooltip message