3/29/2017 10:45:21 PM

Warning as of 3/29 Ditto has been update to use Visual Studio 2017, this might take a while to sort out the installers to properly install needed dlls

Ditto beta, version

Ditto Setup
Ditto Setup 64bit
Ditto Portable
Ditto Portable 64
Ditto Windows App

Ditto Debug Files
Ditto Source

Previous Builds

Change Log since last release 3-18-2016

2017-03-29 more vs2017 changes
2017-03-29 more vs2017 changes
2017-03-28 Installer updates for vs2017
2017-03-08 Updated to visual studio 2017
2017-03-08 Updated to visual studio 2015
2017-03-01 adjust rtf text when generating crc to handle word and outlook adding unique values to the rtf text
2017-02-26 Lockout requesting for remote file when placing data on the clipboard from freinds network send
2017-02-11 update last paste time when multiple clips are selected

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